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Maritime Intelligence the Way It Should Be


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A Foundation of Credibility

ABS Wavesight is an independent subsidiary of the American Bureau of Shipping. Backed by over 160 years of maritime experience, our products are already installed on more than 5,000 vessels across the global fleet.

Readily Accessible Insights

Simplify operational decision-making with convenient dashboard displays that put actionable analytics on compliance, performance, asset and crew management, fuel consumption, and more at your fingertips.

An All-Encompassing Portfolio

Unlike most maritime software providers, we have a suite of feature-rich products that covers all aspects of fleet-wide digitalization, from compliance and recordkeeping to performance optimization and decarbonization.

An Alliance of Partners

The ABS Wavesight Alliance Program is a first of its kind in the maritime industry. It brings together trusted technology partners to collaborate on unique challenges and tailored solutions for our clients under the Wavesight umbrella.

Who We Are

We are ABS Wavesight. Built on the foundation of the American Bureau of Shipping, we are here to demystify maritime software for the vessel owners and operators, fleet managers and charterers under pressure to modernize their operations. 

Instead of searching for answers through multiple software providers, maritime decision-makers can now turn to one company to address any and all challenges of fleet-wide digitalization. 

It’s a new vision for maritime software. And it’s only from ABS Wavesight.


To develop world-class software products that improve vessel performance for the health of our seas, our environment and ourselves.


To create a more sustainable and resilient maritime industry.

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Mission Green

As an industry advocate for digitalization and decarbonization, ABS Wavesight helps drive users' sustainability and ESG initiatives across the industry, reducing their carbon footprint while increasing profitability.

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Alliance Program

We know that no two maritime operations are the same, and some need more tailored solutions. That is why we created the ABS Wavesight Alliance Program, a first of its kind in the maritime industry. 

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Join Our Team

With a growing company and an ever-increasing user base, we are always looking to add the right people to the ABS Wavesight team. Click below to email our Human Resources Department for more information on available employment opportunities.

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