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Nautical Systems Mobile

The ABS Wavesight Nautical Systems™ (NS) mobile applications revolutionize onboard vessel management by giving crew and staff a simple and familiar interface that is responsive to their needs and works on any device, so ship and shore collaboration is driven by quality data. Download our free infographic to learn more.

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Key Benefits

Built with the Mariner in Mind: Simplifies and improves accuracy of onboard data entry and easily scales as your organization grows.

Fleet Digitalization at Your Fingertips: Available in all app stores and accessible via web browser.

Instant Access and Control: Manage your fleet from anywhere with the easy-to-use mobile interface.

Nautical Systems Mobile

Download our free infographic

Mobile Applications

Streamlines workflow: managers control tasks and approvals via mobile devices, reducing office dependency.

Ensures immediate compliance with checklist functions and centralized audits for onboard and onshore decisions.

Facilitates crew mobility on blue-water vessels for efficient task, inspection, and checklist completion.

Offers quick, easy mobile access to company documents for onboard and office users on-the-go.

Enables mobility during drydock events, allowing efficiency while performing critical tasks, change order processing and checklist management.

“Effortlessly manage your fleet from anywhere. Nautical Systems mobile applications bring fleet digitalization to your fingertips!”

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Brandi Whitehurst

Director, Customer Success Management

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