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Mar 16, 2023

Marlink and ABS Wavesight™ Partner to Accelerate Maritime Clients’ Digital Transformation

Marlink, the smart network solutions company, and ABS Wavesight™, the ABS-affiliated maritime software as a service (SaaS) company, have signed an agreement to collaborate on using optimized connectivity to support efficient delivery of sustainability services and data to clients’ vessels. 

The agreement connects Marlink’s smart hybrid network with the voyage optimization and vessel management services provided by ABS Wavesight. The partners will collaborate to enable their many mutual clients to enhance their use of digital tools and applications using the Marlink network. 

“Marlink is delighted to have put in place this agreement with ABS Wavesight, an innovative partner whose approach to the challenges faced by the maritime industry and the solutions required links so closely with our own,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink. “We look forward to helping our mutual clients enjoy improved access to ABS Wavesight services and investigate how to further optimize connectivity for the next generation of digital services.” 

Together, the companies will work to improve connectivity and integration of software and services into client ships and systems. Vessel operators will benefit from faster and more regular data updates that can help them improve vessel performance and optimize voyage execution. 

“ABS Wavesight is an industry advocate for both digitalization and decarbonization, delivering unmatched value through its suite of products and integrated solutions and providing the insights needed for vessels to operate more efficiently,” said ABS Wavesight Chief Executive Paul Sells. “As we continue to partner with companies such as Marlink, we’re expanding our reach and strengthening our ability to help clients gain visibility into their existing operations to mitigate risk and deliver operational excellence.” 

Launched in late 2022 and built on ABS’ 160-year legacy of maritime innovation and safety, ABS Wavesight combines the industry-leading platforms, Nautical Systems™ and My Digital Fleet™, which are collectively installed on more than 5,000 vessels. ABS Wavesight’s purpose-built, integrated solutions ensure a cohesive user experience that reduces costs, improves safety and enhances overall efficiency. 

Marlink operates the maritime industry’s most advanced hybrid communications network, comprising connectivity across all available channels, including VSAT, L-band, 4G/5G and, most recently, services offered by Starlink and OneWeb. These ‘new-LEO’ services will provide maritime market users with very high throughput and low latency connectivity, blended with Marlink’s guaranteed throughput VSAT offerings. 

About Marlink 

Marlink is the trusted partner in fully managed smart network solutions, based on an intelligent hybrid network and unrivaled digital solutions. The company provides Smart Network Solutions, connecting people and assets around the globe and across all markets where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is not available. Marlink’s Intelligent Hybrid Network combines global satcom and terrestrial technologies via a proprietary global infrastructure. The Marlink Smart Edge, an integrated service delivery platform, orchestrates and optimises all network elements and applications, from data handling and IT to application-based routing (SD Wan), cloud and Digital Solutions, including remote data and IT, cyber security as well as IoT/OT solutions. This provides customers with full ‘Peace of Mind’ that their chosen network solution is fully optimized, integrated and has the security required to operate more profitably and sustainably, increasing their efficiency and safety through operational optimization, tracking, routing, monitoring and reporting. Marlink’s Smart Network Solutions are provided as Managed Services meeting the highest quality standards and service level agreements. The company proactively monitors and supports network solutions, providing alerts, reporting and insights on the performance and usage of connectivity, systems, and applications, as well as advice and consultancy on how to further optimize client networks. 

About ABS Wavesight™ 

ABS Wavesight™, an ABS-affiliated company, is a global leader in the maritime technology industry pushing to decarbonize operations at sea through digitalization. Through its industry-leading My Digital Fleet™ and Nautical Systems™ platforms, ABS Wavesight provides maritime clients with innovative fleet management software to improve the reliability and performance of their shipping operations. ABS Wavesight’s portfolio comprises best-in-class proprietary technology and third-party integrations that offer unparalleled insight into every aspect of a fleet’s operations. 

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