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ABS Wavesight Accelerate Alliance Program 

Accelerate. Innovate. Collaborate.

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ABS Wavesight™ is leading the charge toward a more collaborative future. Our model is built on a culture of participation and partnership with other leading companies both within and outside of maritime. 

The ABS Wavesight Alliance Program is emblematic of our commitment to create a more connected and collaborative experience to our clients. Our network is comprised of best-in-class companies both within and outside of maritime but with a shared passion for technology and innovation. Together, we can continue to empower our users, the industry and our environment.

Our Partners


    Kongsberg Digital Logo

    Kongsberg Digital’s (KDI) Vessel Insight solution and ABS My Digital Fleet™ offers an integrated service for seamlessly accessing AI-powered insights for safer and more sustainable operations. The shipboard operational data collected through KDI’s Vessel Insight is accessible through the ABS My Digital Fleet™ platform and translated into insights for faster and smarter business intelligence. This unlocks voyage optimization through reduced fuel consumption, lower bunker cost, lower carbon intensity and improved charter party compliance.

    As part of the ABS Wavesight™ Alliance Program, users gain access to KDI’s Kognifai open digital Marketplace — an ecosystem of technology providers and applications that are fully integrated with Vessel Insight and its data infrastructure.

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    Lloyd’s List

    Lloyd's List logo

    My Digital Fleet’s location data is powered by Lloyd’s List Intelligence. Users can access the most accurate maritime data available, including vessel movements, vessel characteristics and historical movements, as well as information on 7,800 ports across 208 countries. 

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    EMH Systems

    EMH logo

    Combining EMH Systems’ advanced capabilities with ABS Wavesight’s My Digital Fleet™ provides visibility into waste stream restrictions and allowances, as well as detailed insight into all applicable regional and international regulations throughout a voyage. Backed by a global and up-to-date database of international and regional regulatory environmental requirements, shipowners and operators can access enhanced compliance data to achieve sustainable vessel operations. The approach unlocks the ability to manage operational risk through advanced route-planning and active monitoring of discharges based on geolocation to prevent penalties and improve efficiency among even experienced crews.

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    Sofar Ocean

    Sofar Logo

    Sofar Ocean offers ABS Wavesight’s My Digital Fleet™ users voyage optimization capabilities to drive decarbonization and charter party performance goals. The dynamic route and speed guidance is powered by the largest open ocean sensor network of drifting IoT sensors (Spotter buoys), covering all five of the world’s oceans. Through the integrated service, My Digital Fleet™ users receive insights that are tailored to a specific vessel and journey, supporting ship masters and fleet operations staff in voyage planning and route optimization. 

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    Control Risks

    Control Risks logo

    Control Risks offers My Digital Fleet™ users actionable insights on cyber and maritime security, drawn from a decade of historic incident data, dynamic daily content, comprehensive country intelligence and risk ratings. By integrating with selected content from Control Risks CORE+ Cyber and CORE+ Maritime modules, users can better assess current threats and emerging trends across the dynamic global cyber and maritime security landscape.

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    ABS Wavesight’s My Digital Fleet™ employs a conversational AI-based virtual fleet manager to provide actionable insights regarding which vessels from the fleet need attention and why in a fast, helpful, and conversational manner. Powered by — the world’s leading Conversational AI Platform — users can access a personalized chatbot and voicebot to assist in the delivery of critical fleet tracking information, including weather, equipment and fuel monitoring, as well as carbon intensity indicator (CII) monitoring and route optimization and more through the ABS platform. 

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    Meteomatics Logo

    Through integration with Meteomatics, one of the world’s leading weather service providers, ABS Wavesight’s My Digital Fleet™ users receive on-demand, high-resolution historical and forecast weather data. By coupling this with My Digital Fleet’s machine learning capabilities, environmental and structural insights are delivered to help shipowners and operators better understand fuel consumption and potential structural impacts from weather exposure, resulting in reduced risk, as well as improved bunker costs and carbon intensity levels.

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    MarLink Logo

    Marlink’s advanced ICT (information and communications technology) networks deliver connectivity across all available channels, including VSAT, L-band and 4G/5G. Most recently, they include services offered by StarLink and OneWeb. These “new-LEO” services will provide maritime market users with very high throughput and low latency connectivity, blended with Marlink’s guaranteed throughput VSAT offerings.

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    ActZero logo

    ActZero is an award-winning provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that delivers a powerful and affordable cybersecurity service to protect small and mid-sized enterprises against ransomware attacks. By continuously testing defenses against the latest attack techniques and variants, ActZero ensures AI detections and human threat hunters quickly stop threats. The company brings deep roots and expertise in cybersecurity to deliver measurable ransomware defense, reducing false alerts and responding quickly on a customer’s behalf. Combined with exceptional service, ActZero empowers businesses with confidence that the company and customers are protected. 

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    Ascenz Marorka

    Ascenz Maroka logo

    For several years, Ascenz and Marorka have offered a full range of solutions to shipowners and charterers around the world to support the maritime industry in its digital and energy transformation and thus contribute to building a sustainable world.

    Ascenz Marorka is the result of the collaboration of two pioneering companies in the digitalization of the maritime industry: Ascenz, a Singaporean company with an extensive experience in Electronic Fuel Management, and Marorka, an Icelandic expert in vessel performance management.

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    Benefit Software

    Benefit logo

    Developed in an open-frame architecture, Benefit Software’s awarded ERP solutions for the shipping industry are designed to seamlessly cooperate with best-in-class partners and leading third-party applications. By integrating the company’s Vessel Performance Module with ABS My Digital Fleet™, users can have access to all information concerning voyage and vessel performance, receive automatic updates directly from the vessels and monitor their daily performance, all from one source of data input. This collaboration forms a user-friendly, error-free environment that further empowers ABS My Digital Fleet tools for Voyage Planning & Optimization.

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    Procureship logo

    Established in 2016, Procureship is an innovative e-procurement platform that connects marine buyers with suppliers and service providers worldwide. Procureship manages a network of trusted suppliers across all major ports and regions, connecting them to more than 60 buyers representing over 1,700 globally trading merchant vessels. The company makes purchasing critical components, supplies, and services for vessels easier, faster, and more streamlined. It has developed a unique recommendation algorithm that suggests the most suitable vendors for any type of RFQ. The platform offers a wide range of additional features, including IHM maintenance documentation, e-invoicing, and upcoming freight forwarding optimization. Procureship provides unparalleled customer support with its team of dedicated account managers that assist all buyers and suppliers daily. 

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    GT Maritime

    GT Maritime - Logo

    Established in 1998 GTMaritime has been specialising in securing, optimising and delivering data to their 15000+ vessel base. 

    Their optimised file and data transfer solution GTReplicate, integrates with 3rd party applications to exchange data fleetwide securely without interruption, whilst minimizing the impact on the connectivity experience onboard. 

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    ShipServ is revolutionising Maritime trade, enabling simplicity and sustainability through its end-to-end solutions that unite buyers, suppliers, and third parties.

    At the forefront of the industry, ShipServ has established the largest maritime network, processing high daily transaction volumes to offer insights and advanced technologies. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimise their operations. ShipServ is committed to sustainable industry growth, continuously enhancing the platform by integrating more data sources across the marine ecosystem, meeting evolving sector needs.

    Facilitating over $6 billion in annual global maritime trade, ShipServ remains a dedicated, progressive partner, boasting 300+ buyers and 50,000+ supplier profiles in 2023.

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