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Mar 14, 2024

ABS Wavesight™ Nautical Systems Now Supports Fully Digital, Streamlined SIRE 2.0 Inspections

(HOUSTON) — ABS Wavesight™ Nautical Systems is one of the first maritime software products to add the new SIRE 2.0 regulation functionality, unlocking a fully digitalized and streamlined inspection process for owners and underscoring its industry leadership.

Enhancements to the HSQE and Vetting Manager module enable owners to transition to SIRE 2.0’s risk-based approach, which allows better management of areas of vulnerability, while also helping operators assess future vessel performance.

The enhanced module now collects pre-inspection data, including areas of concern and risk assessment metrics that is compiled and digitized in one place and is easily transferable to inspectors transitioning to the SIRE 2.0 process. Inspectors can then perform desktop reviews before stepping on board, which streamlines the inspection process, allowing for greater focus on vessel and crew-specific risk areas.

“Our enhanced service provides owners and operators with regulatory-rich software to support compliance and regulatory changes. The enhancements to the HSQE and Vetting Manager module facilitate and simplify the shift to a fully digital process and three-dimensional risk inspection, while offering deep insight into vessel and crew safety and performance,” said Paul Sells, President and CEO of ABS Wavesight.

SIRE was first developed in 1993 by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and has been the industry-standard regime for inspecting the quality and operational safety of tankers. SIRE 2.0 is the first upgrade to the program in 15 years and aims to address the industry's evolving risks with new technology that can enhance inspection workflows.

About ABS Wavesight™ Nautical Systems HSQE & Vetting Manager

ABS Wavesight™ Nautical Systems HSQE & Vetting Manager module combines safety management systems, risk mitigation, inspection and change management in a

comprehensive compliance management process to ensure safe and compliant operations.

About ABS Wavesight™

ABS Wavesight is the ABS Affiliate maritime software as a service (SaaS) company dedicated to helping shipowners and operators streamline compliance while maintaining competitive, more efficient, and sustainable operations. Our mission is to develop world-class software products that improve vessel performance for the health of our seas, environment and self. Backed by ABS’s 162-year legacy of maritime innovation and experience, our products are collectively installed on more than 5,000 vessels across the global fleet. Learn more about ABS Wavesight by visiting

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