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Key Capabilities

Welcome to fleet insights in real time. Driven by our powerful data models, My Digital Fleet™ lets you assess, manage and optimize your fleet with speed and precision.

My Dashboard

Through the Dashboard, you can easily view environmental risks, fuel performance, routes and more–on a per vessel basis—and empower a more sustainable fleet with greater operational efficiency.

Environmental Monitor

The Environmental Monitor continuously measures your fleet’s carbon footprint, including your CII rating, and helps you make decisions toward decarbonization.

Daily Fuel Monitor

Track and monitor fuel consumption and levels across your entire fleet. With daily trends and comparative analysis, your spend and sustainability are at your fingertips.

Vessel Performance Monitor

Because small optimizations create significant cost savings, the Vessel Performance Monitor offers a deeper look into metrics like fuel usage and CO2 emissions.

Voyage Plan Tracking

In Voyage Plan Tracking, you can view routes of active voyages and get insights on course, speed and inclement weather risks, to ensure your entire fleet arrives safely and on time.

My Digital Fleet™ Resources

Maritime Cybersecurity

ABS Wavesight™ and ActZero™ host an open discussion on maritime cybersecurity risks, the role technology and regulations play, and how companies can better prepare for potential attacks.

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The New Shipping Dilemma

ABS Wavesight and Sofar Ocean discuss current industry challenges and how to stay profitable in a carbon neutral future.

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ABS Wavesight and Meteomatics

ABS Wavesight and Meteomatics present a Combination of Environmental and Marine Vessel Data to Support Decarbonization.

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Case Study:
Voyage Performance

See how you can maximize profitability and promote sustainability through voyage performance optimizations with ABS Wavesight My Digital Fleet™

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My Digital Fleet

Help mitigate critical maritime operational risks with our vessel performance software platform, My Digital Fleet™.

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My Digital Fleet

My Digital Fleet™ connects and integrates your data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks.

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ABS My Digital Fleet™ Alliance Program

The ABS My Digital Fleet™ Alliance Program is designed to nurture an ecosystem of industry trusted partners including data and intelligence providers, technology providers and service providers to accomplish critical business outcomes for clients through integrated insights on one digital platform.

Check out the partnership program here
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ABS Wavesight offers a robust set of tools that can organize and optimize data for fleet operations of any size. To see how ABS Wavesight can better help your organization, fill out the form to request more information, and we will respond shortly.

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